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Test Me, I’m Clean is an organization designed to inspire, motivate and educate athletes of all ages and all sports about the dangers of performance enhancement drugs. Our most-vital task is to deliver the message that in abiding by the 3H’s; Hard Work, Honesty and Honor – athletes can reach the pinnacle of success not only in their sport but in their lives.

The goal of Test Me I’m Clean is to be not a campaign, but a way of life. Founded by American Three-time Olympian and 2012 Olympic gold and bronze medalist DeeDee Trotter. We are dedicated to taking a stand once and for all against dishonest athletes by encouraging athletes of all ages to stay clean while they strive for greatness.


I am Proud to be an athlete who has pride and Respect for my sport.

I believe that through Hard work, Honesty and Honor

I will achieve my greatest goals and be successful in all that I do

I Believe that my Health and my Life are more important than the thrill of an undeserved victory and superficial fame.

On my way to the top I can proudly proclaim that I Succeeded the Fair Way.

You Can Test Me I’m Clean!


Drug Facts & Info

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

A group of powerful compounds that are closely related to the male sex hormone Testosterone. These steroids promote tissue growth by creating protein in an attempt to enhance muscle growth.

What are the Street Names/Slang for Steroids?

What Do Steroids Look Like?

Steroids can come in liquid form or tablet form.

depo-testosterone_200_mg_ml-150x150               anadrol50mg-150x150

How Are They Used?

Anabolic steroids can be taken either orally or by injection. Athletes who use them typically do so in cycles of weeks or months in patterns referred to as “Cycling”. The method of Cycling is done by taking multiple doses of steroids over a selected time span, stopping for a designated period, and then beginning again. It is common for the users to combine many different types of steroids in efforts to maximize their effectiveness as well as minimize the negative effects; this procedure is referred to as “Stacking.”

What are the Short & Long-Term Physical Effects?

**Indicates effects for males and females

-Short-Term Effects For Men: (Men that use steroids may experience some of the following effects.)

Long-Term Effects For Men:

Short-Term Effects For Women: (Women that use steroids may experience some “masculanization” effects)

Long-Term Effects For Women:

**Physiological effects of Anabolic Steroids**


How to Donate

Making a donation to Test Me I’m Clean (Non-profit organization 501(c)3 41-2219415) is easy! Simply click the DONATE button or please send a check or money order along with a printed copy of the Donation Form to:

Test Me I’m Clean
P.O. Box 31654
Knoxville, TN 37930

Your donation is greatly appreciated. Thanks to your contribution, Starting this spring we will be able to help aspiring young athletes through our soon-to-be-launched (Help Me Be A Star) fund and a travelling, nationwide program of elite athletes, inspirational speakers and role models helping to show the way to a life of Hard Work, Honesty, and Honor.



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How We Help

“Test Me, I’m Clean” would like to share its goals and motivational message with athletes from all over the country, visiting schools and athletic programs ranging from youth leagues to college teams. “Test Me, I’m Clean” is designed to be a fun, motivational and educational experience filled with an inspirational message and great suggestions on how athletes can improve their performance naturally. With your help, we can make a positive change in sports, starting with our youth and aspiring elite athletes.


The very first “Help Me Be A Star”, Athlete Assistance Giveaway was a great success! Over 50 student athletes in dire need of running spikes submitted short essays to receive a brand new pair of autographed Deedee Trotter spikes, to assist them as they strive to reach their athletic goals. Congratulations to all our winners and please continue to check back with us for more “Help Me Be A Star” events in the near future!

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Dee Dee Trotter, Director P.O. Box 31654 Knoxville, TN 37930